A few weeks ago, I was looking for ideas for my next shoot. Since I love vintage and old fashioned things, I thought of doing a shoot with a Marilyn Monroe feel. The idea came to me when  I saw some photos of Michelle Williams photographed by Annie Liebovitz whose work I admire. I then got a group of talented friends to collaborate with me on this project. The model was an actress who I felt had the same vibe as Marilyn: Andi Eigenmann. She – according to a friend after seeing her photos after the shoot-could be “SOUL SISTERS”: Both so young, yet they both have that same sensual attractiveness caused by not being too aware of one’s true beauty. So “MM”! Not because they look alike, but they have the same “SENSUALITY”, that elusive “IT” factor, so that it seems that they could be sisters. “

The first person I contacted was a makeup artist by the name of Acie Fores Romero-Salas. I met her at the Japanese restaurant of some good friends and immediately thought of her. She was very game. 🙂 The second person I contacted was a fashion stylist to the stars: Roxanne Roman. Thankfully, Acie knew a good hairstylist that she could also take with her to the shoot and his name was Jaymar Martinez. At this point, I already had a model as I had already asked Andi to be my model for my next shoot. She was very accommodating and also very excited to work with us.

The next stage was looking through the web for inspiration and more photos similar to the 50s looks of Marilyn Monroe. We decided to do a more modern take on her look because it would be difficult to get authentic 50s outfits and props and because the shoot of Annie Leibovitz of Michelle was a more modern take and looked very interesting.

The makeup, would be soft and also inspired by the 50s but Acie put her own twist on the looks; the makeup looks all came out very nicely and very soft. The looks suited Andi’s beauty very well.

     The wardrobe was care of Roxanne. She brought a lot of outfits which surprised me as I only expected her to bring a few. On the day of the shoot, while waiting for Andi to arrive, the makeup artist, stylist, and myself talked about which outfits would be chosen and we  narrowed it down to three outfits starting with the most casual one first and leading to the most dressy one. We decided on this so that the makeup would also start with the simpler look and would be intensified and adjusted with each change of outfit. The shot with Andi that many guessed was one of Marilyn Monroe’s most iconic poses was the one with her and the very lovely gown of Benhur Dychangco.

As soon as Andi arrived, the makeup artist and hair stylist got straight to work on the first look. The atmosphere was relaxed and anticipation was in the air. While the hair and makeup were being done, Roxanne and I were chatting about old Hollywood and about film, among other things. When Andi was done, she slipped into the flowery dress that would be the first girly and wholesome look.

   After hair and makeup was done , I then had to ready my lenses and put up the appropriate backdrop which consisted of my home made painted polyboards. We decided on the powder blue backdrop  for Andi’s first set. During the shoot, Roxanne and Acie were both busy googling poses from the 50s to give the shoot a more authentic look as well as something more wholesome as opposed to the overtly sexy looks we are inundated with these days.

     Roxanne put some vintage music from Spotify to put the model and crew into the mood for the 50s, natch. The shoot was a very fun and productive one and I was sorry that it had to end. I treated everyone to some pizza and chicken after but Acie and Jaymar had to leave early. 🙁 Roxanne, Andi, and I had dinner together with her daughter and mine . After dinner, we all called it a night.

I looked forward to post processing the photos and even though I was tired, after dinner I went straight to my PC and started working again.

See the photos of this shoot in Andi’s album, in my Portfolio.